"Seas the Day" License Plate Frame by Wonder Plate Frames™

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Seas the Day and lose the dealer frame with our one-of-a-kind beach themed License Plate Frame.

Add this little flair to your car or buy one as a gift for your favorite sun go getter!

Our minimalist design helps to keep from covering your state's registration stickers while providing just as much visible text as your standard plate frame.

Great addition to any beach van, surfer wagon, or family car.

Each Frame Sold Separately. Manufactured and Designed in California



  • MINIMALIST FRAME - Designed to prevent obstruction of important registration info
  • VIBRANT PRINT -Raised Glossed Lettering for High Visibility
  • STRONG CLIPS - Secure your frame and prevent rattling
  • UNIQUE DESIGN - Original design which can only be found here at Spiffy Frames
  • USA MADE - Fits all USA/CANADIAN issued license plates